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The Story of "Interweb Bargains

I opened my first personal Ebay account back in August 2001, mostly just for buying stuff.

Sometime around 2004-2006 I somehow ended up in one of those mail-order book clubs, this one was primarily aimed at Anglers (and has since gone belly-up years ago).
Despite being a book club for fishing enthusiasts, the monthly catalogue also had a small selection of books on other random topics, and one month I ended up buying "Three Weeks to Ebay Profits" by Skip McGrath.
Around 2007-2008 I was having a 6-month trial on a work scheme to set up my own Photography &  Web Design business (which could have gone better), and decided to try ebay selling as an addition to my attempts to make a living.
I had moderate success with some used jigsaw puzzles (though still have 2 unsold ones still laying around somewhere some 10 years later in 2018), and even less success with the watches I picked up in Ebay's wholesale section (not sure where they went).
I then sort of mostly forgot about Ebay for a while, thinking about having another go occasionally, but not seeming to be able to get round to it.
In March 2017 after 2 more failed self-employment attempts I decided to have another go with selling things on Ebay, and found a dropship wholesaler in the South-West of England to get products from, as well as a hunt around a number of Northern English discount store chains to see if I can find other things to try establish myself on Ebay again.
My attempts to list were scuppered by my original account having an old mobile number I no longer have associated with it making it difficult to verify, so I decided to make a new selling account, and on the spur of the moment came up with the name "Interweb Bargains".

After sort of losing interest again, by August 2018 I decided to have a more serious go at getting it off the ground, and here we are......

Product Sourcing

All my products are sourced via ethical means: Wholesalers, Discount Retailers, Charity Shops, Jumble Sales, Car Boot Sales, Antique Shops & Fairs, etc.

Becoming an Ebay Seller

Selling on Ebay can be an excellent way to top-up your regular income, or as a route into full-time self employment.

There are many great books that show you how to go from just selling the odd random item to get shot of stuff you don't need to doing it pro-style (see advertisement below).

There are also a number of tutorial videos like the one on the left I came across that can also give you some top tips.

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